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Cable Jointing Kits

Full range of BS EN 50393 tested straight, branch, multi-service, multi-core and multi-pair cold pour resin splice kits available for low / medium voltage cables   resin joint kits   cast resin joint   cable splicing kit           

Birkett Cable Joints are the proven underground cable jointing system suitable for jointing cables in the voltage range up to 3300V with copper or aluminium conductors up to 630mm sq. XLPE insulated, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed armoured or unarmoured cable.

tested to bs en 50393The complete range has been independently tested to the latest British Standard BS EN 50393 : 2006.

The two part polyurethane cold pour resin compound cures to give cast resin cable joints with excellent electrical and mechanical properties that do not allow the ingress of moisture.

Birkett Cable Joints are the ideal method of jointing low and medium voltage underground cables.

  • Independently tested to the latest performance standard BS EN 50393:2006

  • Large and versatile moulds that provide sufficient working area to joint cable of dissimilar characteristics using multi-purpose mechanical connectors.

  • Transparent shatterproof moulds with a single snap together method of joining each half. The mould design ensures no leakage of resin while curing.

  • Complete jointing kits that include earth continuity accessories and multi-purpose mechanical connectors.

  • When stored in dry or air-conditioned temperatures of between 0°C-60°C a maximum shelf life of 2 years can be given.

  • No heat required. Two part polyurethane resin compound can be used in hazardous areas. When cured the joint has excellent mechanical strength and is damp proof.

  • No delay in back filling of the joint. Provided the joint has been supported back filling of the joint can commence immediately after pouring due to the quick gel time plus the rigid construction of the mould.

  • Type test approval. The range of Birkett Cable Joints have also undergone satisfactory performance type testing witnessed by the Department of Environment in conjunction with the Department of Transport to confirm good insulation and no ingress of moisture.

  • Health and Safety tested.

  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9002 for the supply of a complete underground cable jointing kit.