First Company To Be Awarded BS EN 50393

Birkett Electric were the first manufacturer to successfully test to Harmonisation Draft HD623 and the subsequent BS EN 50393.

  • BS EN 50393 is the culmination of over 10 years work to integrate European cable jointing standards. In effect it is a testing framework for agreement between the manufacturer and the client to demonstrate compliance for the full range of underground cable joints on a supply contract
  • Resin, connectors and earth continuity assembly comes under scrutiny with a total of nine straight, branch and multi-service joints to be tested. The manufacturer can reduce this to three cable joints by offering to test three straight-cum-tee mains branch joints
  • By specifying and purchasing Birkett cable jointing kits, all concerned, be they the consultant, public utility, local authority, street lighting contractor or the electrical buyer are all protected knowing that a cable joint certified under strict test conditions by a leading test house has been produced and installed
  • All national standards conflicting with this European EN were withdrawn 1st October 2008
  • Test report number issued by ERA Technology Limited: 20060659, 20060660 and 20060661

Main aspects of the test

  • A.C. voltage withstand (in air)
  • Insulation resistance (in air)
  • Impact at ambient temperature
  • A.C. voltage withstand (immersed)
  • Insulation resistance (immersed)
  • Thermal cycling (in air)
  • Thermal cycling (immersed)
  • Further A.C. voltage withstand (immersed)
  • Further insulation resistance (immersed)
  • Screen short circuit
  • Examination